Advertising Tender Announcement




“Advertising Tender” will be put out by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, for the year 2015 – advertising activities abroad.  The tender will be lodged on 5 January 2015 on Monday, at .m.  (local hour of Italy) in Rome, Italy.

The tender shall be conducted under the “Principles concerning Purchase of Goods, Services and Production Works in Foreign Countries by the Units of Administrative Bodies”, which came into force by the announcement published in the Official Gazette [Resmi Gazete] No 25633 of 4 November 2004.

The tender document (Tender Specifications, Campaign Information Report, Campaign Design Kit and the List of Ministry’s Representatives abroad) can be obtained from  the websites www.kulturturizm.gov.tr and www.tanitma.gov.trin Turkish and English Languages without any charges. The bids shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the document.

The bid dossiers shall be submitted in accordance with the procedure laid down in tender document and delivered to the address of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in Rome as written below, by hand or by special delivery not later than   2 January 2015 on Friday at  6.00 p.m. The bids made after the last date for submission will not be considered. The Italian local hour should be taken into account for the tender time.

The bids must be valid for a period of 90 days from the bid opening date.

Consortia are not allowed to submit bids to the tender. The bids of joint venture will be welcomed.

Date of Tender: 5 January 2015

Location: Rome, ITALY

Address for bid submission: Ambasciata Di Turchia Ufficio Cultural E Informazioni

                                                    Piazza della Repubblica, 55-56 – 00185

                                                    Roma – ITALIA

                                                    web: www.turchia.it

                                                    e-mail: director@turchia.it, turchia@turchia.it,


                                                    Phone: + 0039 06 4871393, + 0039 06 4871190

                                                    Fax: +0039 06 4882425

The Tender Administration: TheRepublic of  Turkey,  Ministry of Culture and Tourism /Directorate General of Promotion / İsmet İnönü Bulvarı No: 5, 06100, Emek-Çankaya/ANKARA

e-mail: medyailetisim@kulturturizm.gov.tr

Phone: +90 312 212 83 00 – 2820

Fax: +90 312 212 85 95


Tender Documents